Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello sweet friends,

I've been busy, busy lately getting ready for Christmas, as I'm sure you have been, too.  We are having our first get-together this coming weekend, so I need to get finished up.  The gifts are bought and made, but I need to wrap everything and get some baking done.  I need to make a trip to the post office to mail a few gifts, too.

I have quite a few pictures to share with you and will have more once some of the gifts are received (just in case they read my blog).  I haven't taken pictures of all of the trees, but will show the ones that I do have pictures of. The wreath on my door was made by my sister as a surprise.  One morning on her way to work, she put it on my door.  Wasn't that sweet?  I love it!  Let's start at the front door, shall we?  Come on in!!

This is a large Santa that I made several years ago.  He comes up to my waist.  I love him!
I stitched this little ornament to add to my "It's a Wonderful Life" basket.  I think there are 2 more that I need to get and stitch.  It's my most favorite Christmas movie.

This is my little gingerbread tree.  I let the buglets decorate it last time they were here.  I love how they put all the ornaments in one spot.  I wouldn't move a thing!  They were so proud!

This is my Jim Shore nativity.   I love all of the detail he puts into his designs.  I collect his figurines and have a cabinet full of them.  This is my all time favorite, though.

Here we have my little ornament/pillow basket.  I think I need to get a bigger one.  This one is about full!  I just love stitching little pillows and ornaments, don't you?

Beautiful red poinsettias.  These will be planted in the yard after Christmas.  :)

These next pictures are some of the decorated trees.  Since we never get snow here, I added some to the pictures.....I'm pretending.  Gotta get it where I can, you know? LOL

Another item I collect is Christopher Radko ornaments.  My sweet Mama collected them, too, and when she passed away, I got this gorgeous ornament.  Every time I look at it on the tree, I think of her.  She loved decorating for Christmas as much as I do.  I guess I got it from her!

This is one of the items in my shop.  I've been monogramming scarfs and having a ball.  I love the way they turned out.  They come in so many colors, too.  I need to make one for myself.  :)

Another item in the shop are the embroidered towels.  These are so much fun, and have really been a hit this year.

This is one of my favorites.

I think that's enough pictures for now.  I don't want to bore you to death.  ZZZZZZ  :)

I've been doing a bit of stitching, but the last two nights I've had to pick out every stitch that I put in.  For some reason I got off count, and you know what that means!  Big time aggravation...

Speaking of stitching, I think I'll go give it a whirl.  Maybe tonight I will be able to stay on track.

Have a wonderful week filled with all of the joys of Christmas.  May we all remember the reason for this wonderful season.  :)

Love and hugs from Texas!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures of your trees and decorations, Carolyn! Love your basket of mini pillows and ornaments!

Your embroidered items are fabulous! Wow!

Robin in Virginia
rlbrowninva @

Barb said...

I so enjoyed this delightful post. All your trees are beautiful . I understand about the tree the little ones decorated. Your Jim Shore Nativity is beautiful. I use the stable that came to me when my folks died. I can't remember a Christmas without it. Those things make this time of year extra special.

Sharon said...

I LOVE that basket of little cross stitch pillows!!!!

Linda Barry said...

Everything is beautiful Carolyn. Only in my dreams could I be as talented as you.


Nicola said...

Where to start, every photo was beautiful from your decorations to your embroidered items in your store.

Your sister has made a gorgeous wreath

Robin said...

Merry Christmas!

Robin in Washington State

Vickie said...

It all looks so pretty! Great job. Your sister did a great job too. Sorry about the frogging.

Parsley said...

OH! I like the Wonderful Life stitch. Where can that be found?

Merry Christmas!

Fiona said...

I enjoyed seeing your lovely decorations. We have snow at the moment and it is really cold.

BrendaS said...

Carolyn -- Your Christmas decorations are just beautiful and I LOVE your basket of Christmas pillows. Just beautiful!!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas celebration!

Barbara said...

Purty, purty!


Rachel S-H said...

Such a pretty Christmas-sy post! Merry Christmas!

Mouse said...

heheheh had to look twice at the photos as thought there was something wrong with my eyes and you had added snow
love the trees and the ornaments ... and yes think a new basket is required :) love mouse xxxxx

Carol said...

Such a pretty post, Carolyn, and of course, I love, love, love your basket of little pillows!!

Wishing your entire family a most blessed Christmas...

Andrea said...

Love the basket of pillow goodness. Your trees are delightful and what a welcome that wreath sends out.

Have a very Happy Christmas!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

No snow here, either, and I live near Chicago. We're about to break a record for the longest time between measurable snowfalls. PS: I have the Jim Shore Nativity, and also one from Christopher Radko.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness what beautiful photos xx

Anonymous said...

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Marie said...

So many pretty ornaments in that basket.
Your tree is beautiful. I love that you added snow to the picture. That is certainly one thing that I missed when I was living in TX...SNOW (it snowed much of today here in VT) :D
Jim Shore...ALL his work is amazing.

You obviously come from a creative and talented family.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Anonymous said...

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